To design furniture and home decorative times and serve at a reasonable price in contemporary style.

Company’s main product concept In simple yet stylish with different mixture of materials


Wooden furniture especially for living room

Small home accessory


Welcome to PHILOS design – your choice of modern contemporary living

The name of “PHILOS” is derived from the word “PHILOSOPHY” where, to us, it embraces the outputs of natures that produce plain, simple, functional and long lasting pieces. We trust in this concept as the fundamental to our design development process.

We explore unique and personalized blends of old and new function and elegance, budget and beauty, creating timeless look while accommodating the evolution of designed products in our contemporary style.

At PHILOS we carefully choose the fine natural woods that go into our furnishings. Our skilled craftsmen use time-honored traditions in woodworking and the finest materials available so that our customers will enjoy our furniture for many years. However, it is best that we take good care of the products to maintain its best quality.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your new furniture stays beautiful for years to come